Dear Club Members,As some of you are aware the Club’s Website support and maintenance was run by HMA who have now withdrawn from that arrangement.
As such this has required the Club to plan a hosting migration of the Club’s Website from HMA¬† to the Club’s own domain.
This has meant a fair bit of work to get to this stage and I would like to acknowledge the help of Adam Painter for assistance around the email and domain sends.
We are now ready for the big switch over and the current plan is for this to occur at 19:00hrs this evening, Thursday 29th September.
The migration will take up to an hour, so I am requesting that no Member makes any changes between 18:00hrs and 20:00hrs as potentially these could get lost.
Browsing of the website will be possible but there maybe moments it becomes unavailable.
Once the migration has occurred I will be testing all major functions, however there are no better testers than the Users, so I ask for your assistance in this and please report anything you find not to be working or normal.

Many thanks

Eric – Webmaster