Maserati Quattroporte V front subframe PART NO - 67319800

Type : Car Parts for Sale

Fully remanufactured/bootstrapped to a superior standard than factory

Ferrari/Maserati Part number - 67319800

please check the official Ferrari parts website to check compatibility

This part fits QPVs from 2003-2006. Please confirm with Maranello Classic Parts or Eurospares which part number is compatible with your car. This part is currently out of stock with Maranello and Eurospares but they will take your funds £2000 + VAT and let you simmer on back order..... Or you can take this and slot it straight into your cherished Quattroporte.....

These subframes are a well known failure point on Maseratis of this era..... the paint applied was not solid enough to be exposed to northern hemisphere winters.....

The course of events is as follows:

  1. I sourced the part from an exotic car breaker in Germany because it was the only second hand part I could find that required zero welding and exhibited negligible indications of corrosion....... You can see for yourself the photos from the original listing   you will need to click the link and then scroll down as the listing is now defunct

  2. I had the part professionally sand blasted and powder coated so that the part has a superior weather protection (will now last the life of the car). The part is superior to factory specification. Maserati unfortunately only applies only a thin coat of regular paint from factory. Powder coating is considered the gold standard because it chemically binds to the inside/unseen parts of the frame rather than just a light spray coat over the exterior. All work was completed by JD classics . They are are well known vehicle restoration specialist. They have done a fantastic job and the finish on the part is exceptional.

  3. The part was never fitted to my car and now sits in weatherproof storage at my fathers house (Essex) waiting for its new owner.

Please contact me for more photos or a private viewing. I am very flexible on time and located near Stansted airport. I can export worldwide.

I am happy to provide safe (well protected/padded) van delivery to a UK address once I have a deposit.

I prefer to sell to a member but also happy to work with anyone trying to keep these fantastic vehicles on the road.