FOR SALE : Ghibli III 2015 (65 ) Petrol 405 bhp !!!

Type : Car for Sale

Ghibli III 2015 (65 ) : 31100 miles

Offered for sale is my Ghibli III, which I purchased used ( 1 former keeper ) from H R Owen in July 2018. It is a very well cared for example of the marque, with a great spec. I am limited to 5 photos on the club site, however am happy to send more on request and/or do a video walk round the car. Whilst this was `only` the standard 330 bhp model, rather than the `S`, I had it stage 1 remapped Sept `20, which has really unleashed its potential, increasing torque by 21.7% and bhp by 21.1%, accordingly it is an understated `S` beater at a considerable saving !!! Having checked values on Autotrader, there is only really 1 realistic `comparable` currently being advertised at £1000 more with slightly fewer miles, but with, like mine, the aluminium paddle-shifts. HOWEVER, this car does note have a sunroof, which my car has, and my car is later. Furthermore they won`t deliver the performance that this car does. Accordingly I believe my car is priced correctly and represents great value for money. The only reason for sale, is that I looking to buy a Gransport or possibly a 3200, and accordingly would be happy to discuss a possible part exchange deal. I am more than happy to discuss the specification in more detail, and answer any questions should you be interested. Thanks for looking.