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Maserati 3500 GT

One of only forty 3500GT and GTI models sold new in the UK, this May 1961 car would have been imported by then concessionaire Colin Fleetwood in Lancashire. An original right hand drive car, with standard Coupe bodywork by Touring of Milan, chassis 1120 is a later series 1 car with three Weber carburettors, five-speed ZF gearbox and disc brakes to the front wheels. It also retains its original engine and is therefore matching numbers.

Between 1961 and 1983 little is known of the car until it was bought by Scottish collector Bobby McIntyre. By this time the car was in poor condition, with faded red paint and cracked interior leather. McIntyre kept his collection at his home Sorn Castle and on his death in 1988, the collection was sold from there by Sothebys auction.

It was bought by a London-based record producer who commissioned a restoration by McGrath Maserati. Sadly, half way through this restoration, the late 1980s recession struck and work was put on hold. It would be a full five years before the car would be finished, the project having been sold on to John Jackson from Sheffield.

During this restoration, the body was repaired and repainted, the interior re-trimmed with new leather and carpet throughout and the mechanical parts completely overhauled. The engine was fully rebuilt by Bill McGrath himself.

The restored car, already affectionately named Chloe, after its original registration number, was completed in time to debut at the 1997 Silverstone Classic meeting and then immediately put into service on numerous events. An early victory was as overall winner in the 1999 Maserati International Rally at Goodwood.

McGrath Maserati continued to service and fettle the car and over the next few years introduced a few mild modifications to make the car more usable and competitive – uprated and lowered front springs, a thicker front anti roll bar, new brake discs from modern materials and an auxiliary cooling fan. The first series 3500GT front seats, which do not have fixed backrests, were taken out and replaced with the much more comfortable and secure ones from a series 2 car, trimmed to match the rest of the interior. And finally, John’s prized original Halda tripmeter was fitted, for he had plans for much more serious competition.

There followed various assaults on the Rallye Des Alpes, garnering a second and a fourth place between 2002 and 2006. Class wins were achieved on the Scottish Malts and the Three Castles Welsh trials and meantime Chloe continued to be used for touring rallys such as the Euroclassic, Maserati Club events and even the odd display on the club stand at the NEC Classic Car Show.

Having driven over 50,000 miles in the car, many of them in competition, by 2012, Chloe was once again beginning to show its age and John took the plunge to have the bodywork restored again. This work, managed by McGrath, was undertaken by Prestige Restorations in Chertsey and included removing much of the aluminium outer skin in order to repair the results of electrolytic corrosion between the skin and steel-tubed Superleggera frame. This work was completed in time for Chloe to enter the 2014 Maserati Centennial Gathering event, where, even driving there and back, it won first in class in the Centennial Concours. You can read more about this recent history on our ‘restorations’ pages. And to say that this is a well-known Club car is an understatement as it has featured on the front cover of Trident magazine no less than three times. This car has been fastidiously maintained by us and is one of the best in the world.

Please contact Andy Heywood at McGrath Maserati:

Tel: 01438 832161

Maserati Sebring Series 2

The second series of the Maserati Sebring was launched in 1964 and by 1965, production had been established. This example was completed in July of that year and was one of only 26 Sebrings exported to the UK. As well as being visually updated, the Series 2 cars featured a much more modern and comprehensive dashboard and a new version of the ZF 5-speed gearbox. The Lucas fuel injection was also modified to improve reliability and the straight six engine was now available in 3700cc and latterly 4000cc forms.

Maserati Classiche states that this 3700cc example was delivered to Maserati Concession London and was first registered in the UK in January 1966. The original colour was Bianco Polo Park with a black Connolly hide interior, the same as it is today. We assume that the car was used as a demonstrator as it stayed with Maserati Concession until August and was then sold on through Chipstead Motors and registered with its first private owner, Stockpots Ltd in October.

By January 1968 the car had moved to Philip Mist Autos of Handsworth, Birmingham who were Jensen dealers and from there another company owner in Wednesbury ‘Coldroll Ltd’ before being bought in April 1973 by Frank Caldwell of Nottingham. Caldwell was to keep the car for over 13 years but sadly, mostly stored due to problems with the fuel injection system.

During the late eighties classic car boom, most old Maseratis were exhumed and offered for ambitious sale and this car was no exception. It was purchased in 1990 by the current owner, who immediately set about recommissioning the car for use. In 1994 the engine was rebuilt by specialists Corley Motors and the car was repainted by Cardenden Coachbuilders in Fife.

McGrath Maserati first saw the car for service in 1998 and since then have steadily improved and restored most aspects of it. The running gear was extensively refurbished between 1998 and 2000, followed by re-trimming of various parts of the interior. An assault on the Scottish Malts Rally in 2003 proved successful but was followed was further engine work and a new clutch.

By 2008, now a veteran of many Maserati Club events both in the UK and abroad, the body was once again beginning to show its age and a full bare-metal repaint and re-chrome job was carried out by McGrath Maserati. Since the late 1990s, the car has been regularly serviced by McGraths and gradually improved to its current, excellent condition.

The mileage on purchase by the current owner was 27,000 and even now is circa 46,000. From the long term ownership and the earlier period of inactivity, it is not unreasonable to conclude that this is the genuine mileage.

This is a very original example with good (and low) ownership history, in its original colour scheme and with the desirable optional Borrani wire wheels that were fitted from new. Last used in 2013 on a rally to Spain, it is being offered for sale by its owner ready to use this season. The price is £225,000. Contact the owner John Bennett:
or Andy Heywood at McGrath Maserati:

Indy America 4700

Having bought the car just over 10 years ago as you can see I had the bodywork restored which included new front and rear valances and new metal being let into the door bottoms.

Since then it has only seen summer use and is dry stored in my barn every winter. An unfortunate consequence of the body restoration was that the headlight regulator was damaged, hence the lights are permanently raised.

I didn't bother having the interior redone as I like the patina and sometimes you can over restore a car. There are no tears in the leather so an annual clean and cream does the job.

The tachometer needs calibrating but other than that all the gauges work though alas the air-conditioning doesn't.

The car is currently on UK plates but there is no other documented history with the car, the odometer reads 12,968km but it is probably 112,968km.

The engine runs well with good compression on all cylinders, even after its winter lay up as long as the battery is charged it starts second turn of the key, I don't push it on the first turn to allow the oil to circulate.

I've used it every year I've owned it and it's more economical that my Quattroporte III, the only problem is that it is too low for Polish roads.

As for reliability when I bought it after an oil and filter change I drove it from Bristol to Warsaw in a day, it is after all a grand tourer and it didn't miss a beat.

The car is just outside Warsaw, Poland but I'll deliver anywhere in Europe. It is an honest capable car, from which I'll deduct reasonable travel costs incurred in seeing the car.

If you want more pictures or mechanical details (compression figures, oil temp & pressure etc) please contact me on either 0048 602 368 355 or

I'm asking Euro 45,000.

Merak SS Body Shell

Maserati Merak SS Body Shell

Right-hand drive. The rear end of the car and floor are rust free and would make excellent repair panels for a corroded car. There are dents in the rear wings, however these can be repaired without too much trouble.

We can cut the car wherever anyone requires.

Offers to Steve Moody, SMDG Performance Ltd, 01306 627770,


It has come to our attention that bogus buyers are contacting members via email, perporting to be interested in buying their cars.

These emails, mostly in broken English, offer to pay for the car without even seeing it. I understand that they often offer to send a cheque for a higher value than the car – say £30,000 for a £25,000 car. Thinking that they have sold their car, unsuspecting sellers are asked to send the bogus buyer a cheque for the difference which they can then cash within 3 or 4 days.

Unaware of what is going on, the seller will then find that the bogus buyer's cheque has bounced and this can often take up to three weeks or so one becomes aware. So the sellers are left without the car AND minus any monies forwarded to the buyer. There is also always the risk of a fake Banker's Draft which bounce.

Members may not be aware of this possible scam. It would be good to remind members that they should always insist on an electronic transfer of funds by BACS or CHAPS before parting with their beloved motors.